Our Philosophy

Premium quality food and alcohol selection

We believe quality is the most important attribute of food and drinks. That’s why every product we export was chosen carefully. All our suppliers work extremely hard to make sure every single unit of product has the same quality, so we can be confident to offer our overseas customers a premium selection of high quality of food and drinks.

simple business transaction

We find traditional overseas business transactions often take longer than needed. That’s why we offer our customers a new way of doing global business. We keep all the necessary safety processes while we skip all the time-consuming corporate nonsense. Our goal is to provide accurate information to our customers swiftly and to deliver the goods safely and fast.

365 days customer support

You never know when there will be a new problem. That’s why we do not take days off. Be it New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving, we are always here to help our customers when they are in need. We make sure our customers hear back from us as soon as possible. Yes, we work harder than all our competitors, because we believe our customers deserve it.

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